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Default Re: Rear backing plate/brake installation Les Andrews instructions

[QUOTE=. Aermotor, It would be a service to the hobby and vindication of Les Andrews if you can post an instructional video showing how to snake those two levers through the fork in the radius rod.[/QUOTE

It has been awhile since I have done this but if I recall I installed the cam shaft and service brake actuating rod onto the backing plate than installed the backing plate WITHOUT the E brake arm. Then I installed the E brake arm and retracing spring - which presents the problem of hooking the return spring to the E brake actuating arm. The spring can be pulled into position with a hook on a long welding rod with some way to pull, like a loop on the welding rod or vice grips. It is not real difficult but don't practice by putting the actuating arms on the wrong side and having to go back and do it over. Keep in mind that all springs in the brake system are loaded for brake release - your foot overcomes all of them.
Sorry - no video but it will work.


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