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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Originally Posted by CWPASADENA View Post
As I understand it, there is not a problem discussing juce brakes on a '34 or a 59 AB engine in a '38. I think that is still in keeping with the original cars that are being driven.

HOWEVER, I, for one, have NO INTEREST in a discussion on the availability of engine adaptors to install a Small block Ford in a Early V-8 Car and such stuff. That definately does not belong on this Forum.

Again, Just My Opinion!


Actually, a guy that goes by hitchhiker gave me a hard time and Ryan sent me an email for it, because i wanted to put F1 steering on my model A...i mean its originally designed henry ford parts....
even tho the parts i mention are pre 1952....its still not small blocks, disc brakes, or power steering...but to him, its all the same thing and its still hot rodding and its not aloud on here.
thanks for clearing me up Ryan....

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