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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I guess I would have to say I am now speechless because neither of my av8's fit into the Ford Barn guidelines. Both have flatheads but modern upgrades (anyway I think they are) so can't post about them. I joined the HAMB in 2005 and have been an alliance member since the first tag. I liked the old Ford Barn and like the new one but I hesitate trying to post on the HAMB or trying to see all the threads from one day to the next that mentions the flatheads, 12 to 15 pages to see all the threads in 24 hours. I will continue reading the posts here and some on the HAMB because of all the knowledge that can be shared. I also belong to Bills site which also has a wealth of information and knowledge and I feel very comfortable when posting about my projects. Okay back to speechless.


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