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Default Re: Brake Light Switch Backwards

Originally Posted by Patrick L. View Post
OK, the older type switch. Should work the same way. Do you have power to the switch ? I know you do, or, pretty sure you do. It may be as simple as the power lead is attached to the wrong switch terminal. Power still should not go thru the switch until the pedal is pressed far enough to close the switch. A test light, voltmeter or continuity meter will show which terminal is which.

Yeah I didn't think the wires mattered which terminal they were attached to due to the design of the switch. I'll probably swap them just to see.

Originally Posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
With no pull on the switch rod, the switch should be spring loaded to be OPEN. If it isn't, then remove the cover and see if the contacts are mounted incorrectly. I've seen it happen on the 28-9 switch, and possible because someone messed with it and assembled it wrong.

I'll pull it apart tomorrow and see if anything is incorrect inside.

Originally Posted by Ruth View Post
If you have hydraulic brakes why not use a hydraulic switch? Seems to me it would by way more reliable.

Not really, most hydraulic switches fail quite often and when they do you have to open the system to replace it. A mechanical switch will also light up the brake lights faster and is much easier to replace. I figured utilizing the factory style mounting of a '28-'29 switch and pedal pull setup was the easiest route.
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