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Default Re: Success with improvements for touring

I like to hear the experiences, as well. It's a little like religion. As in many things, I straddle both camps. I want to keep my car as stock as possible, but I also want it to be reliable and safe as it can be. I want bright lights and as good a windshield wiper as I can get. I also want to stop as well as I can given stock or nearly stock parts. I will install an aluminum fan. I have a NuEx voltage cutout that I will install. I like the idea of putting in a thermostat, but I won't do anything that I really don't need to do.

I put in halogen and LED bulbs for safety's sake. I want to tour and drive my car regularly, but I don't want to keep up with people on interstates. I have actually driven a short distance on one, but will do so only when I have to. I am a tall guy and I wish the seat went back a little further as the driving experience would be better.

Best of all worlds would be to have a pretty bone stock one and another that was tweaked here and there for better performance and safety. I don't have the funds or storage for that. On seat belts, driving carefully will not help you if some knucklehead runs into you, so those are an absolute must for me.

This is a great, great forum. I welcome all suggestions, ideas, comments and opinions on topic. This is a wonderful community. Participating is as much fun as owning the car.
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