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Default Flat 221ci - 1935 - Getting stuck after 3 weeks sitting.

Flat 221ci - 1935 - Getting stuck after 3 weeks sitting.

Making a long journey short...

This engine was full rebuild in middle of the 70's, and the car running 5 or 6 times, and was leaved stopped until 5 years ago! (Yes, it is a barn find).

I got the car, and the engine was stuck. I have decided open the engine, clean every part, check the conditions, change the damage parts, and really, after open and spray a WD-40, and clean every cylinder and valves, the engine turns free and the conditions was very good. I have rebuild the heads and the intake, changed all gaskets, rebuild the carburetor, rebild the fuel pump, starter, dynamo and changed the coil, condencer and ground conections to new ones, and at the ende fired the engine. Every thing runs OK.

I had used a detergent oil for a run the engine to a couple of weeks... almost 72h or more hours, i did the same witht he cooling liquid, and after that i have changed to the specificated oil and coolant. Oil pressure is ok, and the temperature also.

The engine starts very well, and keep the ajustment and runs very good, but... always have a but..

When I leave the car stoped for more thar 3 or 4 weeks.... the engine getting stuck!!!
Than, I need to put smal amount of oil inside of the cylinders, turn the engine manually by the crackshaft for a couple days to be able to start the engine again... and every thing works good until i leave the engine stoped for a time longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

Maybe you guys have some helpfull tips to give me, and help to solve this problem!

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