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Default Re: Rear tube shocks for 46 woodie wagon.

How 'bout we ask someone here with a 47 or 48, with factory mounts, to measure and post how the factory did it. I'd be the volunteer for this, but my 47 is not 'accessible'.
(Then, maybe measurements for shocks are not too important. I went to one of the chain auto parts stores, asked for 47 ford shocks, and, whalla... they appeared.)

(Just for the record... I used Auto Zone. And the 47 rear shocks came as follows....
Gabriel Guardian 82156. Twenty bucks each, eight years ago. The receipt also says 119796-82156. The AZ spec sheet says 12.37 in collapsed, and 20.23 in extended, and 7.86 stroke length.) (The front shocks for the same car, a 47, are 82007.)

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