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Default Re: Canadian 1946-1948 Mercury 114

Originally Posted by RalphG View Post
Yes, I've read there were trade issues over the border that were part of the reason the Meteor and Monarch came to be.

Ford kept it interesting. For 51 the Meteor got it's own grille, no longer able to fit the big Mercury grille in the Ford front end. By 52 the top line Meteors got the Mercury engine and dash.
We never had six cylinder engines offered until 1955 as far as I know. Also Fords kept the flathead through 1954. Meteor also.
This is a locally owned 53 Meteor, top of the line Customline with the Merc engine and dash. Shows up at the local car show every year.

Hi Ralph. need some new videos for 2021 you make of your car.

Engine makes sense. I have a set of nos early Canadian aluminum 24 bolt heads in boxes for that one motor I'm going to build.

Did you take any pictures of the interior? Just for curiosity.

Hope you and the family are well. Have a great new yr. Well it can't get worse anyway, can it.
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