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Originally Posted by Planojc View Post
Were the floor pans and back side of the trunk lid painted black or body color? Thanks.

Well, kind of a loaded question because on some bodystyles (Fordor, 180, 190, 400, et/al) the floor pan was indeed painted Black. Since you mentioned Trunk lid, the Deck Door was initially primed with a coating that looked similar to Red Oxide lacquer primer. The Door was painted bodycolor with it installed, so depending on the angle of the spray from the gun, some areas would be painted with body color and some would remain the Red Oxide color.

With regard to the floor pans, there was some latitude given to the Branches with their refinishing instructions, and so some Ford-built bodies had the bottom-side of the panels left in bare metal, and some were left in the same Red Oxide primer. Generally speaking the sills and edges of the pans were sprayed with either body color or lower sill moulding colors (depending on year model) however the top-side of the pans (inside the cabin) was generally sprayed with a light coat of body color. In club Fine-point judging, an allowance (exception) is given for those who want to paint both sides of the panels in body color in the interest of preservation. The only deviation from this allowance is for wood-silled vehicles where it gives specific instruction for pans and sill color to be Black. Does this answer your question??

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