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French Ford (and then Simca when Simca bought Ford France in late 1954) used the small V8 until 1961. Only pre-war engines similar to US engines were used by Ford France and Matford (joint venture between Ford France and Mathis from 1936 to 1939), the first engines were Ford tin sides.
Post war engines used on French Ford Vedette and Simca Vedette were slightly different from the US engines.
First generation of Ford Simca Vedette, engine cubes 2.351 cubic cm and develop 80hp.
After 1961, Simca Brazil still used this engine on brazilian models with increased engine displacement and dual carb set up.
I have 2 of these engine, one stock in my 56 sedan and one modified (big bore brazilian pistons, porting, dual carb and dual exhaust) in my 56 coupe and both are running very well.
Will send pictures when I 'll be home.
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