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Ah,,,great stories about those old irons. I have one.

Was working parts in a small northern Michigan Ford dealership in the mid 70s. Building was WWII vintage, all wood framework due to steel shortages at the time. Over the parts dept was a small storage area, mostly stuff stashed between and around the rafters. I got to digging thru some of it and found an old wooden crate. Did some research on it - it was a replacement 12 cylinder Lincoln engine, (long block). It still had the original shipping label on it from Ford - I can't remember exactly what it said but at the time I knew it was N.O.S from the warehouse.

Along with the engine was a duke's mixture of obsolete parts & pieces - Model A (I think) complete windshield/frame assembly, an exterior sunvisor, and dozens of moldings, park- and tail- light lenses etc. Management said that stuff was worthless and suggested I work a few weekends & pitch it all in the dumpster. I would love to have taken it home but I had no storage room, could'a had it for the taking. But I knew a fella that had a pole-barn with a lot of N.O.S stuff so I called him; he came over and offered the $200 for all of the "junk" upstairs, and that he would remove it. Needless to say he made out very well. I did too, with a few of those old parts as my bird-dog commission.
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