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Originally Posted by Charlie Stephens View Post
I have a NOS Model B engine with a counterweighted crank. It was assembled from all NOS parts by Ford Parts Obsolete of Long Beach (maybe Los Angeles at that time). If I remember correctly they found enough parts for a couple of hundred engines. The parts came from Russia. They were located in a warehouse in Poland. My guess is the basic block was cast in the early thirties using molds supplied by Ford.

Charlie Stephens
Charlie: If I may I have knowledge of an 29A engine NOS. early 1940's..may have raised intake area??. was built and shipped out overseas ( war effort ) and returned and found it's way to Ford Obsolete, Long Beach.... My brother Charlie worked there for twenty plus. and he has the engine in question....It WAS NOT STORED WELL..with heads off.... has rust pits in three bores on one side... it so sad to see a complete fresh built NOS engine in this condition all there and would run with a little clean up,.. if it were me, hone and clean up and it would run... so if it smoked a little... it's been years that I saw it and it may be sleeved ?? .........OLD.......BILL
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