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There is someone here on the barn that has one advertised in the swap area. It's a 59, with 59 cast on the bellhousing, in my opinion a 'replacement' engine, 3-1/16 bore. No heads or pan. From what he's told me on the phone, it's not been stored very well, and my assumption is that it would need to be looked over very closely if you were going to try & run it. Located in Phoenix or Tucson, I think??? He tried to price it based on the cost of a new high-end sbc or sbf (X2), in my opinion way high, considering I believe it would all have to come apart and be redone.

Here is the lookup info...
Title = NOS Ford Flathead Engine
Post Date = 03-05-2014
Post by = theBoB
Location = Mesa, Az
Price = $4000
Phone = 408-924-4611
Not marked sold.

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