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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

Originally Posted by 1936ford64 View Post
Guess who built companies like Vintique , Bob Drake , Ricks etc. When you find a part you want you say "How much is it ? These companies are trying to give you what you want at as low a price as possible so you will buy from them and not use American parts, which may or may not cost more.
Ya,know, this kind of nonsense has gotten really old. Bob Drake started out making his own stuff himself (and besides, he doesn't do A parts-Deuces and up). But beyond that, business has always been about the best quality for the best price. Competition drives the prices, so suppliers always want to be the least expensive, but at some point, if you cheapen the quality, customers will leave.

Our major suppliers try to buy the best they can. Sometimes that American, sometimes they have to go overseas-things like giant metal presses don't exist here anymore. Folks like Bratton's will tell you the quality of their parts-and offer a variety if it's available. Sometimes, only crap is available, but they'll offer ti as the only alternative.

You make it out like suppliers are not only anti-American, but also out to get you at the expense of making a dollar. That's just not the truth.
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