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Default Re: Water in oil/engine

The truck arrived in my shop this afternoon. I disassembled the truck, and tore down the top end of the engine.
1. There was evident moisture in the #3 cylinder intake. Also moisture in the #3 cylinder on the walls.
2. The gasket seemed to be sealed along the drivers side of the block, but not so much on the passenger side.
3. The three head bolts that surround the distributor placement hole were not torque tight. The other head bolts took some force to loosen.
4. The water seem to have gone down the distributor shaft hole, indicating the gasket was NOt sealed there.
5. I see no indication of cracks anywhere. Not the head nor the cylinders. Using a flat steel surface I could not get a feeler gauge anywhere under the head. It appears flat.

I need opinions on using the head gaskets with that red line sealer. I have seen problems with them before. Should I use copper instead?? It is a 5.1 compression Snyders Head, on the engine about 2 years. Low mileage driven by owner. NEVER checks his engine prior to driving, hence the water in the oil. There was still 2 gallons of coolant when I drained the block left in the engine.
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