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Default Re: Water in oil/engine

Originally Posted by old31 View Post
Ah ha, John I never knew where Brylcreem came from. Remember the add, I little dad will do ya, and they had a couple of gorgeous blondes just drooling over the guys hair.
I remember the adds but they were back in the days when I had hair!!! BUt back tot he original question. IMO, there are 3 likely places that water could be coming from.
Cracked head
blown head gasket
cracked block.
Has the engine over heated at any stage? If so, I'm leaning towards a crack from # 2 or 3 exhaust valve seat across to the bore and heading south down it.
What do the spark plugs tell you? Photos might help us get a better handle on this.
It is no burden to carry a little extra knowledge.

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