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Default Re: Radiator Overheating

Originally Posted by kenparker View Post
????'s Is this a relative new radiator, or a 90 year radiator that has been shaked, rattled and rolled for 90 years. Two row or three rows of tubes. 6 Fins per inch or more. have you pointed and used a infrared pointer to see if it has hot spots or hot all over.

$600 or more for a new radiator sometimes can be a bit to swallow, but old radiators can just wear out. The fins and tubes loose their contact with one another and the heat is not disapated. It may look pretty but does not wurk any more. ken
Not sure how old it is, but I'm sure it's not an original. I believe my wife's uncle rebuilt the car in the late 80's, so he probably installed a used radiator (or maybe new?) then. Outwardly it appears to be in good shape; no major indentations, fins all appear straight. Not sure, but it appears to be a 3-row with 10 fins/inch. Have not tried a infrared pointer, so don't know about hot spots -- would that indicate a blockage? Might be worth my time for a trip out to Harbor Freigh
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