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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

When the balk ring is in proper position, the pawl just comes in contact with the step on the balk ring. It will only go all the way in if the car is coasting. When the cart coasts after letting off the throttle, the planetary sun gear rotates backwards. This is what aligns the balk ring slot with the pawl and allows the pawl to go all the way into a notch on the gear plate.

When working on the transmission from underneath the car, it's not easy to replicate the normal function of the unit. Pulling the transmission is a PITA but it's about the only way to get the transmission on a bench to work on them. A person just needs some good snap ring pliers to aid in disassembly. I used my 1949 through 1951 Lincoln Mercury Overhaul Manual for instructions. The Mercury used an R10 type overdrive with a transmission unit that was similar to the earlier Ford side shift units and the Lincoln used the T85 with the R11 overdrive so both of these are covered by that manual. The Ford unit has no half bell like the Mercury but it is still the same in operation as all Borg Warner electric overdrives.
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