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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

The air is cool and crisp. One can hear the bird start to chirp as the day springs forth a new. The gentle rumble of the rollers on the garage door talks to me as light reflect on the paint and chrome. A quaint smile, a quiet chill, and a measure of contentment wells from within. I'll open the door and take my seat as the show is about to begin. We go through the motions that allow our souls to become one. The starter is pressed, the fuel flows, and four cylinders roar to life singing there song in a glorious harmony truly only understood by a chosen few.

We slide into gear and take actions as we watch the world pass us by, living in bliss of the simplicity. Life seems to slow a bit as we move about our day, bringing an odd joy to those who see us travel along out merry way.

When the day is done and we retreat to our homes, we both know no matter what we face everything will be alright. We know this for I don't ask my Model A to be more than she is, nor does she expect anything but unbridled love from me. This mutual love can exist because without hesitation we know this adventure can begin again, until we lay our heads to rest.
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