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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Getting the Word from Viv.

I worked for a Dalby operator, Keyland Aviation. I was based at Miles, some 90 miles to the west.

Bush Pilot Airways was a third level airline that ran Brisbane to Roma via Toowoomba and Dalby twice each day. Keyland and their competitor AgAv had 6 aeroplanes based at Dalby.

Well one morning pilot Rod Habgood cut Bushies off. After Bushies landed the pilot stormed over to Keyland’s office and demanded of Rod who had cut him off. Well Rod stepped out of the office, looked right and left and declared "he was here a minute ago, must have gone home for breakfast".

Another Keyland pilot was Viv Barnes. Viv was Eaton educated and started his life selling paint in India. Then to Australia where he had a varied and colourful career flying for the military, Qantas, Aviation authority and became an agpilot. He worked in several off shore locations on interesting jobs then returned to Australia. He was sharp, quick witted and could be cutting as well as being a word smith. Well one day Viv cut Bushies off. The pilot, a bloke of Indian origin stormed over and demanded of Viv "who cut me off". Well the answer was easy for Viv and not as diplomatic as Rod's. “it was me you little black c***, and what are you going to do about it?” ni, ni, ni,nothing was the response as he retreated back to his aeroplane.
That will sound awful rude and perhaps it was. Had it developed into a formal incident report the inquiry and paper work would have been extensive and the aviation authority just doesn’t like to loose face so they would have been relentless and reprimanding.

Viv always said he wished for his ashes to be scattered at sea. Well his kids tipped him into the Brisbane River and told him to find his own way there. Viv,you were a likeable and colourful character and I enjoyed working for you.
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