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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Gordon the Hero. Gordon the Fool.

Gordon Robotham flew a Wellington bomber in WW2. I don’t know alot about his war time experiences simply because I didn’t ask. I wish I had. Gordon returned to civilian life to become a cabinet maker but that didn’t last long. He went crop spraying. I came in contact with Gordon in 1975. We were both working for Keyland Aviation based at Dalby on the Darling Downs, Queensland.
Well Gordon had a favourite watering hole known as the Returned Service League or RSL. He was a hero there, everyone knew him and hero worshiped him.
The town of Roma was some 160 miles to the west of Dalby. They had an infamous woman policeman named Tracy. Policeman because she was butch. It was even said she had balls. She was known as Dickless Tracy or Dickless for short. Well Dickless was transferred to Dalby and she got Gordon for DUI, he blew the bag past the limitof 0.05. Well Gordon went to court and the magistrate asked Dickless did she know what this man did and did she know he was a war hero. Yes replied the soleless policewoman. Well Gordon lost his licence for a period. Gordon’s wife was Maree. Now Maree didn’t have a drivers licence now this provided her the opportunity. That pleased those of us who knew her.
Well Gordon retired and became misplaced and lost. He sold his Dalby home and bought in Coolangatta which is sort of like a little Florida. He had left his beloved RSL and moved to suburbia. I saw him there only twice. I asked him how he liked it and he saidit was great. He lied. Really he didn’t know a sole and clearly he was lonely.
I’ve seen this on several occasions. Farmers and others living in southern Australia moved to Queensland because they experienced the warm climate while holidaying there in the winter. They got a shock when the humid weather arrived in thesummer. They also left behind friends and acquaintances. They also got a shock to find that urban folk were quite different people to country folk they had once known.

Gordon you hero, Gordon you fool.
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