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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

One of a Kind.

Tamworth is a large regional town in NSW with a population of 45K. It is central to the New England region and located inland and in the north east sector of the state.
It seems every town needs an event to “put it on the map”. This varies from mud crab races to camel races and of course horse races. Some towns have competitions and festivals. In Tamworth’s case it’s the Country Music Festival. It’s a big crowd drawer and the population swells to excess of 100K during this week.
There are competitions for various vocal and band awards and many other events as well. One includes the best car in the parade. The ute in today’s story, lets call it one of a kind or abbreviated OOK, the name plagiarised from Johnny Cash’s song of course.Well this ute carried a celebrated competition winner in the street parade. She was seated on a bale of hay. The vehicle was awarded second prize the owner feels a Toyota would have won as the judge was a national identity sponsored byToyota. He is John Laws, otherwise known as “golden tonsils”.
The owner lived in Melbourne and I intercepted him on the Newell Highway, enroute home. It was compiled from motor car junk he had acquired from no place in particular but the very basically a Model A. It’s too long ago to recall just what other vehicle parts it wore. Just look at the wheels, check out the spare on the right which he needed to climb over to enter and exit. The headlights, it goes on and on. The rust in the boot cowl and other parts of the body. It was quite legal in Victoria as a roadworthy inspection is required only when one acquires a vehicle. Cops continually stop him to check. Nosey bastards.
In addition to the ute being unique the owner too was a card. A slow talking, dry humoured bloke. Regrettably I’ve forgotten his name. Jed Clampett and his ute wouldn’t have held a candle to this bloke.

Do click on the picture in the story below and it will expand for a better view.
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