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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

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Hi Deluxe 40.
No, I don't mind if you point out any error or errors I make. Do however look at my signature at the bottom of my writings. No, I don't know everything.
It's been some time since I saw the Ford tractor in question. At the time the differences I noted was the throttle and the grill. the Au fergie has horizontal fins and the Ford has vertical. There no doubt there are other factors I didn't spot. I looked up on the internet and the 9N is just the same as the TE20 with the exception of a few minor things. yes it was the hydraulic system that was the centre of the litigation. and Perhaps the front axil forks??
you can contradict me, it does not offend me and I can learn from it. cheers, gary
The hydraulic systems were nearly identical, with some parts even being interchangeable, as I remember.
The major obvious difference was the engine. The Fergie was overhead valve while the N series Fords were flathead, being basically half of the 239 V8; pistons, valves, lifters and timing gears being the same. Both the Fergie and Ford grille designs were also used here in the States. When I was a kid on the farm the 9, 2, and 8N fords were everywhere, and TE and TO Fergies were common. Dad bought a 1947 TE20 when I was about 10. Put a lot of hours on the seat of that tractor.
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