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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Is your job repetitious?
Some years back I had my two hip joints replaced. The fellow who performed the job was like all surgeons in so far as he was a well qualified doctor, well trained and well experienced as well up in the higher branches of the money tree for which I have no envy or resentment.
Surgeon did one patient in morning, followed by morning tea, then another and had dinner,then another and had afternoon tea, then another and called it a day. That’s four a day. That’s all he did. Very repetitious.
For much ofthe year my job could be repetitious too. I would takeoff in the morning about daylight, turn left and head out to farms I was about to spray with various pesticides or spread fertilizer or sow rice seed in the spring. I’d return in the evenings after treating a number of paddocks which varied in size from 50 to maybe 300 acres.
One morning,shortly after takeoff I was thinking my job too was repetitious. It was how ever not boring. I saw an excavator down below, digging a wide channel. It was owned and driven by a well know personality by the name of John Robertson.
When I returned that evening I made of point of checking on Robbo who was still working away. He had moved some 50 yards.
Realisation came to me. My job was pretty good. Not as repetitious as the surgeon who replaced my hips or Robbo’s digging a big channel. That made me pretty pleased about things.

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