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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

15 years ago, I was browsing the local auto trader. There is a 1931 model a pickup for $1250. It's a complete truck with lower rust on the cab. So off I go with trailer in tow. When I got there, Chicago suburb, I mentioned to the seller that there were some odd things about the truck. First, the bed appeared to be off a later year and then there was the roof which was filled in with sheet metal. The seller told me that other potential buyers said pretty much the same thing. He says "just give me $650 and it's yours". Not knowing much about model a's at the time, I went ahead and bought it. After doing a little research I find that what I bought was a Late 31, indented firewall, widebed with the steel top. And fwiw, painted steel radiator shroud and headlights. Still have it. Done nothing with it yet. There is sits.
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