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Default Re: My flathead engine

I appreciate everyone's comment.

Now for some specs:
1950 Merc block
3.3125" X 4.00"
Comp Cams "Muther Thumper" cam
Aluminum timing gear
stock rods, shotpeened, rebushed, resized
Intake runners enlarged, polished
Lots of work on the "hump" in the intake runner
Exhaust is cleaned up, edges rounded
The guides are profiled to aid flow
Perfect circle valve seals
Isky springs
Flathead Jack valves and retainers
Vertex mag- external coil
Compression ratio- 9.70 to 1-----That sounds high but you need that much compression to make up for the overlap of the cam.
Wilson & Woods heads- 58 ccs after milling---These heads are great, machining is great, consistent ccs. Lot of area over the valve for flow.

I can probably list another 30 mods. If you have further questions,
just "ring"

Ron, I appreciate your comment----but the idle speed is 850 RPM. We checked it twice. The engine is now off the run-in stand (another flathead is on- a stroker)

Someone asked the question about excessive run-in use being bad for an engine. It is because the engine is never loaded and the cylinder walls tend to glaze and not let the rings seat.
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