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Default Model A Poem

At a club Christmas party, we sang this to the tune of My Merry Oldsmobile.
Someone asked for the words, so I thought I would share it with the Barn. Wrote it a few years ago.

Come ride with me René,
In my brand new Model A.
We will bounce around the town,
And sneak home without a sound.

If your Mother’s waiting up,
We’ll just stop and pick her up.
She’ll be happy for us two,
Cause you finally said “I Do”.

We’ll get hitched without delay,
And ride off in my model A.
We will ride around the town,
Making that AHOOGA sound.

We’ll have family right away,
And fill up that Model A.
We will keep her ‘till she’s old and gray,
Our beautiful Model A.

There she sits behind the barn,
All tired out and badly worn.
She’s waiting for someone,
To show up and make her run.

They will fix her up I’m sure,
And put her back on tour.
She’ll hold her head up high,
And cause smiles when she goes by.

She’ll be beautiful again,
And cause all the kids to grin.
Her new owner will proudly say,
This is my new Model A.
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