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Default Re: Fellas... I've had enough...

Ryan, I appreciate the forum and it's contents.. also your message.
I have had a great deal of experience with cars and mechanics..but my recent purchase of a Model A and dealing with things that were different than my previous experience was a shock. This forum and it's content was/ is extremely helpful and had helped me to proceed with getting this car on the road.
I have not had the experience you speak of, but have seen some it surface in past posts.
I figure that as long as I can post a question about the car, and get an answer that is helpful ... I am happy. I have offered help where I can, or at least made the effort.
I am still learning, and will continue to no matter how long I have been in this hobby.
I can do without the infighting and complaints about other peoples posts or thoughts.
I am here to learn and help where I can.
Thanks for the opportunity.
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