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Default Re: Fellas... I've had enough...

Originally Posted by Terry, NJ View Post
How do we say "I think you are wrong about this or that!" and not open ourselves to a charge of "Bullying"?
There is a difference between "I think you are wrong.." and "I think your information is wrong."

Here is what I try to do now;

Old way "I think you are wrong about this or that!."

New way, first I drop the exclamation point, then I word it, "I have always heard that it is done this way or that" Then try to add some source of where you received the information that differs with theirs, "I remember it from reading it here on the barn.."

See, no "attack" on the person just a question on the facts. Is it possible that it will seen as an attack, yea. Remember what I said earlier about long held beliefs. The good thing about wording it as a question of facts is that Ryan should be able to see the post for what it is.
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