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Default Re: Oil pan 59AB photos

In USA mechanics' or parts book speech, left is always the part on USA driver's side no matter where the observer is standing...thus, the left pump is the one on driver's side even though it is on your right when standing at the motor.
This convention allows manuals and people to say "adjust the left breaker set" and always go the correct one! British usage is "off side" and "near side", and I can never remember what they mean...
Pans from '35-48 are essentially interchangeable, but one from an actual 59A will have the large drain plug as in post 11 and a small threaded hole on the casting that holds the dip stick tube for return pipe from filter...this would be plugged on engines without filter.
Earlier pans will have return hole in separate boss forward on pan, earlier still no return provision there at all.
I doubt that Elmo has ever left anything stock!!
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