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Default Re: Oil pan 59AB photos

Originally Posted by 40Pickup View Post
Incredibly excellent work! All the hours you've put in all the details to determine dimensions. Are you using Inventor, Solidworks or similar? Makes my drawings in AutoCad.

The program I'm using is the Rhinoceros 4, a huge amount of hours but I'm happy with the result.

Originally Posted by JM 35 Sedan View Post
Great work on those drawings! If you do any of the early v-8 blocks from '32 to '53, please post them. I would love to download them for my files.
I have a couple pictures of a 59ab oil pan in a multi part for sale ad here in the v8 swap section. You could download those from the ad and enlarge them for small details. I have never seen an oil pan guite like the one in your picture. What was that oil pan removed from? Many features are differentthan than any of our (USA) oil pans from '32 to '48.

This is the only picture of a 59ab oil that I have right now in my tablet files. I am sure I could add some later from my computer files.
Unfortunately I have nothing done with the block you say v-8 blocks from early '32 to '53

Originally Posted by Elmo Rodge View Post
That's a picture of the pan on the motor in my Drop Tank. I cut the slot for access to the convertor bolts. Stop by again and I'll show you. Wayno
Thanks for the explanation Wayno
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