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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Wow! This thread has been going for awhile. I imagine the 'original versus hotrod' topic won't stop for a long time to come. I have a 32 Fordor that my grandfather bought brand new. He actually drove it off the assembly line. It's been garaged its whole life and it looks like it. There's not even a tear in the original upholstery. Obviously, I didn't restore this car. I just drive it. But I've done a few others. For example, I've done Ts in the past and right now I'm working on a 55 F100. When I do an old vehicle, I always want original if I can do it. I personally think a car should only be rodded when it can't be put back 'right'. Having said that, I do think there are mods that are appropriate - such as those folks who modify a car like the old-timers would have done in the 40s and 50s (when they were the greaser gearhead pioneers). Really, those old greasers were kind of the origination for all of us gearheads. No one was rebuilding cars before they started doing it. Plus, there are a lot of common things between rods and originals - body parts, etc. I guess the only time I would be concerned about mixing the two styles in a forum is if you come to a site for info on your original and find that the site is taken over by rodders. I don't want to have to sift thru all of the postings to find what I need for my old gal. But I don't really see that happening - yet. Maybe the moderator is just thinking it's a slippery slope to let them in.

I got to thinking about why people are so passionate about this issue (and, boy are we!). For me, I almost feel like I have an obligation to the future. I suspect my car will be toodling down the road long after I am gone. I would want future folks to see what the distant past was really about. Rods, for the most part, are about the here and now. Originals take us back further. As time and rust marches on, there will be fewer and fewer cars that can be put back original and there will necessarily be more rods simply because that will be what people can do with the limited originals that will exist in the future. What a dismal time that will be!

Anyway, I think I can learn from anyone. When you're as ignorant as me, the only direction is up. :-)

Happy Fording to all of you. Whether you're a rodder or a purist, there is one thing we all know - Fords are Prettier!!
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