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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

Originally Posted by Purdy Swoft View Post
Bill, A's& more is located in Stafford Springs Connecticut. Eric Emhoff is the owner and is one of the best model A guys ever. Eric was a big help with good original parts and info when I was rebuilding my model A coillection in the 90s . Eric advertised parts in
Hemmings motor news before we got a computer. A's & more has the repro parts and also has NOS and good used parts. he also has V8 and T stuff. A's & More is a small business but is sort of like Berts because he sells new repro NOS and used parts. He also rebuilds engines. Deb put my catalog up so good that I can't find it for the phone number. Maybe one of the guys in his area will chime in with a phone number
Eric and his wife Barbara are very nice. He has so much old stock, but it's all organized on shelves. To go to his place it like going back in time. He is very honest on any price, I never barter. He has sold me many things for "a couple bucks". Every time you go there he has something different.
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