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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Originally Posted by bwood53 View Post
From a newbie... always been into cars. Fords in particular. owned a ford ranger pu. 68 tbird w 429 now a 53 f100 w what I thought was orig flathead w merc heads. Turns out from what I've learned in this barn and from orig seller its a53 merc flathead. Merc in ford? Is this OK? Should I go to hamb? Ol' ron...are u on hamb. Get a good vibe from you. Love your help and input.

I thought the barn etc was to further to further the hobby and educate us youngns'. Please help me. Just want to build a good reliable truck to enjoy w good people and my family.
That Merc Flatmotor could be hazardous to your health - If you are East of the Mississippi I am the designated certified receiver of such dangerous materials - All you have to do is crate it up and ship it to the address that I supply - This service is supplied free of charge in the interest of the Old Flatmotor Community
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