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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

They’re a helping Hand.

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains.
It’s an Australian poem known by many. Penned by Dorothea McKellar at the age of 19 whilst suffering home sickness when staying in London.
Yes, McKellar’s description is perfect. I have seen the lot. From 3 inches of rain in one year to 92 inches in 3 days. Floods frequently follow drought. There is one thing McKellar has omitted and that is fire. I’ve seen livestock dying and being shot by graziers following fires and likewise when the country had no more feed. These days drought affected livestock would be trucked to better areas for either adjustment or sale.
Generosity of people comes to the forefront during these times from communities that live in comfort, service clubs and individuals. In addition, the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Blaze Aid (who are gangs of volunteers that replace or repair burned fences). And there’s the CWA. If I have omitted some please forgive me.

People are always generous when others are in need. Not only with monitory donations destined for both here and abroad. The tesami in Indonesia is just one of many examples. One of many at home is when the town of Nyngan on the Bogan River flooded. The townsfolk from Cobar, 80 miles to the west, went to Nyngan, took clothing and bedding, laundered it, and returned it clean and ironed.
There is one organisation that takes the cake. The CWA. The Country Women’s Association. It is a national organisation that support other women, children and families in rural, regional and outback areas. You see, Australia’s non-urban population makes up only 14% of our 25 mil national population.
The CWA is a bit like a big family where the girls, particularly those living in remote areas, enjoy the company, support and unity of others. They come into importance during times of drought, and Australia is very prone to those. Plus flood and fire and in times of low commodity prices. It’s these times when country folk, especially the men become depressed and suicides occur. These are times when country folk all pull together, frequently lead by the CWA girls. It is a common quote “thank God for the Salvos”. I can say, without detraction and in addition, “thank God for the CWA”.
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