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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

The picture of the governor drive gear also shows that it has a right hand pitch to the gear teeth. All Ford OD governors used a gear with a LH pitch through 1956. For some reason they changed to the RH pitch beginning in 1957 production. This meant that the driving gear on the OD mainshaft also changed to match the new driven gear.

Also, half the parts drawings in the various manuals show the gear on the mainshaft with the gear teeth close to the bearing rather than toward the rear (next to the snap ring). I believe that those drawings are incorrect.....every one I’ve done has the gear teeth towards the rear. The easy way to know is to look through the opening of the housing where the governor mounts. You should see the driving gear teeth directly centered in your view. If it’s towards the front of the transmission (and barely in view) it will not line up correct to the governor gear.
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