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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Iíd do things differently now.

I was so keen to have a Model A I rushed the chance to buy the first I saw for sale- a paddock basher. I didnít think twice. It came up well, but at a price; some 35k AUD. Because I have both little mechanical skill and interest I employed professionals to do all the work. Todate the market value is still less than what it cost. Do I regret that? Yes, in one aspect.
Today I would recommend to any aspiring A owner that they join a Model A club and seek advise from the members. Frequently those members would put a prospective owner directly onto one for sale and they would appraise it as well. Otherwise Iím sure they would be pleased to direct one where to buy parts and have specialised labour effected.

Even today I seem to find reason to continue to spend money on them (now 3). My otherwise tolerant wife always has a groan. I endeavour to assure her by saying this will be the end of the expenses dear, all is done now. I also remind her it is still much cheaper than owning aeroplanes. It is also more fun especially since they can be used almost each day.
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