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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

What are my pilot kids up to?
One of my kids has had a small amount of work in the last 3 months. One trip to New Zealand and two to Singapore.
The second flys out of Hong Kong and was stood down so he came home to Australia with his family for 3 months. Then called back to honkers. He left his family here. He was required to spend a fortnight in Honkers in lockdown and wearing a “we are watching you” band around his wrist. He did a small amount of work, only in Asia and has been stood down again so back to Au. Now 2 weeks in lockdown in a Sydney hotel before he can return to family. Whenever he is recalled to work, he will again have to spend yet another 2 weeks in lockdown in Honkers.
I can tell you those 2 are the lucky ones that still have some work. Most pilots I know paid to learn to fly and alot of money too. They are now without work, many not having fully repaid money borrowed to pursue this career.
A local pilot by the name of Chris is typical. He flys an A380 and following is correspondence from his dad.

The A380 pilots – out for 3 years. No jets in Australia. No cross training allowed, no income, no overseas opportunities. The VANZ(*1) pilots work in Bunnings(*2). The weekly webinars are not cheery. *1, Virgin Au and New Zealand. *2, a retail supplier of hardware.

When I see pictures on the internet of American airfields with acres of airliners parked it occurs to me just how widespread this world crisis is. Airliners are the shop frontage of prosperity or in this case lack of. It will take only one small trigger for the world economy to totally crash.
This will not affect me greatly but will my kids and grandkids. And your aswell. it doesn't look good does it?
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