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Your comments in the last 2 paragraphs are 100% correct. I would recognise a cross fire very quickly now and as you say, I understand how to adjust the timing. Until your comment where you mentioned the timing, I hadn't connected the crossfire with the failure (that was 4 years ago and I haven't done many miles in that car since). I have been told by many that the middle main bearing is no weak point in these engines. Experience said it was so I fed it anyway.
I am about to complete the reassembly of the engine today but we are back in lockdown so I won't be able to give it a good drive for a while. If I get another 40K miles out of it, I would be happy. I realise I ask a lot of the engine when I'm towing. Our longest day so far was 700 miles before we collapsed into slumber. I fully expect that my engine would be still going fine for many miles yet if it weren't for the demands I make of it.
BTW, I use a full flow filter.
Again, thanks for your input here.
It is no burden to carry a little extra knowledge.
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