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Default Re: Timing Problem

One can set the cam lobe on any of the 4 cam lobes to just contact the the point rubbing block. Turn on the key, open the point arm and bingo, there will/should be a spark.

But, a big but, there is very little chance the timing will be correct. Close to zero chance.

Now if the timing pin finds the cam gear dimple and then a cam lobe is set to contact the point block there will be a spark when the points are opened. But the chance of the timing being correct is only 25%.

The notch in the points cam has to be oriented toward the #1 cylinder contact in the housing/ cap/ right front fender [ as in the pictures]. So when that cam is set to just contact the point block while the notch is pointed to cylinder #1 contact will the timing be correct.[ if all shaft backlash is removed]

This really is a simple procedure.
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