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Originally Posted by Purdy Swoft View Post
Actually , where the rotor tip points DOES control the timing . You can set the points anywhere you want but if the rotor tip doesn't point at the number one contact pin in the distributor cap body It simply won't run . The spark will occur but if the spark isn't sent to the correct place , it might pop or backfire but it sure as hell won't run . Ignition timing is all about where the spark is sent and when !!!!!!!

Quote: "Ignition timing is all about where the spark is sent and when!!" True. But remember, where the spark is sent is done by the rotor, but WHEN the spark is formed is controlled by the points, and when the points open is controlled by the lobes on the points cam. The rotor is indexed to the lobes by the notch in the cam. So as PatrickL stated earlier, "the rotor is just going along for the ride."
Since you cannot change the relationship between rotor position and #1 cam lobe, and since it is lobe position that determines when the points open and spark occurs, it logically follows that the moment of point opening is the determining factor for ignition timing, not rotor position.
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