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Originally Posted by Purdy Swoft View Post
If the rotor tip doesn't point correctly the engine won't run . Where the rotor tip points is where the spark goes . The opening of the points controls when the spark happens . The points can be adjusted so that they will be just ready to open . Factory specs for points gap is eighteen to twenty two thousands . Less gap within specs retards timing , more gap advances timing . I adjust mine so that the trailing edge of the rotor tip points at the number one pin contact in the distributor cap body with no clockwise backlash . Counter clockwise backlash has no effect on timing . I then adjust the points gap within specs so that the points are just ready to open .

Well, obviously if you set the points cam so the rotor tip points to number 2, 3, or 4 terminals in the cap, the engine won't run, so we set the cam so the rotor tip is pointing at #1 terminal. But that is not what determines the timing. Timing is determined by the opening of the points. The rotor just delivers the spark, it does not time it.
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