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Default Re: OFF SUBJECT Quick Color rattle can paint

I have a small juice bottle regular paint thinner in it. After I use an "all position" can, I pop the nozzle off, stick it in the paint thinner and shake the dickens out of it. Then, I retrieve it out of the thinner, wipe it off and give it a shot of compressed air and stick it back in the can. I make sure to not push it in far enough to start paint flow again. Once, with a can of Krylon, I let the nozzle sit in the thinner until I used the can again. It seems that the thinner caused the main part of the nozzle to slightly expand and the next time I used it, the little pellet with the small hole blew out and I got paint all over. What a mess. I was impolite to the Krylon customer person on the 800 number.
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