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Default Timing Problem

I could not get my '28 Speedster to run real well. Plugs were really fouled and black sooty, so cleaned them and tried adjusting the Weber carb without any results. Checked the distributor for good spark. Timing is the last thing I usually check as it should not change if one has not changed the rotor. I decided to check the timing anyway. I noticed that the rotor was just past the contact inside the distributor body. I have not taken the timing cover off, but suspect that the timing gear may have shifted (rotated) on the hub. I kind of doubt that it was installed one tooth off as I've driven it quite a bit without this problem. So, I did two things. I removed the air cleaner and I modified an old after market distributor body by cutting a new locator notch to rotate the distributor body to line up with the rotor. Bingo, runs great, but still worried about the timing gear, so will probably pull the cover to have look. The only adjustment I see on that Weber is for the idle and maybe the air cleaner was causing it to run too rich. Any ideas?? Thanks
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