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Default Re: OFF SUBJECT Quick Color rattle can paint

Originally Posted by GB SISSON View Post
Steve, I feel your pain. I'm a rattle can addict and have been a rustoleum fan for years. Can't wait to try the 2x marigold yellow for my old case skidsteer. Funny how certain colors like yellows cover so poorly. I thought it was just my imagination. I save tips (so many different types) and soak them in acetone/lacquer thinner, but it's that dang tube that clogs. I bet I have 50 cans on shelves that are 2/3rds full, but clogged. And like so many other addicts, I keep buying more.......
Would it work to unclog? I can't recommend as it could be fatal but can offer experience. I have recharged a wd40 spray can with an air compressor. Was full of fluid but no airosol to spray it...the safest and easiest method is to use a small can of compressed air for blowing off keyboards etc, think it's called air duster. The red straw fits into both tips. Press air duster can first then the wd40 can and fill until pressure equalizes, release wd40 can then air duster.

Maybe use this method after using the spray paint but prior to storage so nothing can dry in the tip end. Just a short blast should work to clear the tip end. *****use a "can" of compressed air instead of an air compressor unless you know what you are doing and regulate the air pressure*****
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