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Default Re: OFF SUBJECT Quick Color rattle can paint

I second the Rustoleum "2x". My son told me to try it. I got the marigold yellow which is very close to the industrial yellow on my skid steer loader. That color usually has very low pigment and will barely cover. That "2X" stuff covers better than anything I have ever seen. I give Rustoleum a thumbs up for that paint! Rustoleum's all position nozzle is great if you use all the can but if you don't you will be lucky if it sprays after it sits for a while. You can't turn the can upside down to clean the nozzle. Called Rustoleum in reference to the problem and they said they would send me new nozzles, I explained I can clean the nozzles but not the tube going down into the can. OOPS got off subject and rambled on. Steve
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