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Default Re: Fuel shut off valve

Originally Posted by BRENT in 10-uh-C View Post
The underlying issue with the reason the valves fails is because grit & debris from inside the tank flows thru the valve, and when the Gas Valve stem is turned, it scores the housing and/or stem which causes the valve to leak. This rust & grit will ruin even a stainless steel ball valve.

Once the tank issue has been corrected, you can use a 7 tapered reamer to resurface the A-9190 Gas Valve Body, and then mount the A-9192 Gas Valve into a lathe and make a skim cut on the taper. It doesn't take much to remove the scoring and make a difference. Then use fine valve grinding compound to polish the two mating surfaces and it will be good as new.
Yes, that would be the best way. But this is assuming we all have a A-9190 Gas Valve Body & A-9192 Gas Valve along with a 7 reamer and a lathe.

I agree with the clean tank. Add a pencil filter and I have not had a problem with a ball valve. It is the brass valves I have the problem with.
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