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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

"The dumbest reproduction parts" IMO are all the ones that don't fit. Seriously, I just don't get it. When someone reproduces a part, it should be just as easy to make it right as to make it wrong. Like bolt holes that don't line up. You gotta put the holes SOMEWHERE, why not put them in the RIGHT location. The only exception that I can think of off the top is castings. If you are using an original part as the pattern, any reproduced casting will be a bit smaller. However, even then, since we all know that the reproduced casting will be a bit smaller, it shouldn't be THAT difficult to build up the original with a heavy paint or something to allow for the shrinkage. I guess another would be stampings like fenders where the dies wear and it is cost prohibitive to make new ones. Then there is bolts and screws that are sold as "reproduction" when, in fact, they are just hardware store fasteners that will work but are NOT like the originals.
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