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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

If I had to guess, I'd say that what ever car it came with was one that made a lot of little short trips without a lot of shifting into overdrive. Or it was operated in lock out mode a lot with no electric lock out switch. Only the early 8BA era cars had the lock out switch.

One thing is for certain. Things wear out. It's good to know that this might be a problem area to check in the future for other owners.

A lot of the Ford/Borg Warner transmissions used a split type lock ring that is impossible to remove with snap ring pliers. A screw driver has to be used to remove those types and I replace them with the ones offered by Mac VP. If it is just stuck in the groove then a person may have to find a way to get it to move. Tap the gear with brass tooling & try it again.
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