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Default Re: 29 Tudor electric wiper

Originally Posted by Gary Karr View Post
Don't give up yet! As mentioned above, test your wiper motor again out of the car. You can do this by hooking it up to your 6V battery charger, with the red cable as a ground and the black negative connected to the power spike. If it works, your problem is most likely with your ground. You need the copper ground strap as mentioned above that will ground through one of the mounting screws. On mine, I also removed the paint from the windshield frame that the ground strap will come into contact with to insure a better ground. Finally, you will need to make sure that the windshield frame is also grounding at the top hinge. The best way is to sand off any paint on the rolled top edge of the top of the frame and also clean out the rolled part of the upper hinge. Also, make sure that there is good ground between the 6 mounting screws of the upper hinge and the header. Good luck. It's not that complicated.

Thanks for your reply Gary

I was checking the ground and power wire with my Fluke meter and the battery voltage was spot on when I checked the power wire at the wiper motor. I checked the ground with the Fluke meter set on ohms and it was good. I checked the ground with the meter on voltage and it was good as well.

I ran a temporary ground wire to the wiper motor but it still did not start working, however when I touched the temporary ground wire to the wiper motor I saw a slight spark, which made me think the the ground was not as good as I thought. I played around with it a little more, turning it on and off, moving the wiper blade with the manual lever, and it moved by itself one time, just a little bit, then nothing.

So I am not going to spend any more time with it at this point. I'll talk with the owner and see where he wants me to go from here! Either leave it like it is (for looks only) or install a new reproduction unit.
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